Jesus (verb) Series.001(1)

In Luke 5:12-16 Jesus touched a man with leprosy. Rabbis would not violate the law in this way, to touch what was unclean would be self defiling and disrespectful to the Law of Moses and to the Lord of the Law. Yet Jesus (being a Rabbi) did so not because he was a rebel but rather because Jewish Law needed hands and fingers in order to administer healing to this man’s double dilemma. He had two diseases: #1. leprosy and #2. the disease of being “unwanted.”
Immediately afterward Jesus withdrew to a lonely place and prayed. I must admit the story ends in a surprising way. Jesus heals by seemingly doing what was unlawful (touches the unclean), then sends this man to the priests with instructions to offer the sacrifice required by the law for cleansing, as a testimony to them.
Like a surgeon Jesus cuts to the real heart of the matter. Jesus at first seemingly defies the Law by touching the unclean, then fulfills the Law by sending this man to the temple for cleansing. Like a surgeon Jesus connects the diseased to the healthy, the sick to the doctor. Then surprisingly and abruptly Jesus withdraws to a lonely place to pray.
Perhaps one reason the Luke records this detail is to inform the reader why Jesus actions are so surprising (to me included). Perspective and Power to do what Jesus did came from Prayer (His connection to God). Jesus made a life changing connection with this man by fulfilling the law in word and action. Jesus _______. (verb)
This Sunday we will be noticing the times Jesus withdrew to quiet, lonely places and prayed. If Jesus did so, shall we? Please join us onsite or online at 10:30a CDT