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Celebrate Family Day is Monday Sept 5th (Labor Day) at Lowell Park Dixon!

by Pastor John

The 11th Annual Celebrate Family Day Picnic is Monday!: This is a time to relax and have fun hanging out with family and friends. We started this tradition to reminisce over ministries Living Well was able to provide throughout the year. We also encourage everyone to invite extended family and friends so we can get […]

a question for our churches: Why didn’t she just go to Boston?

by Pastor Nathan

The 1970s gave us a gaggle of singer-songwriters playing in the tradition of the folk revival of the 60s fused with the nascent era of the cocaine 70s. Some of these acts were schlocky and full of sentimentality and some were authentic. Until recently, “Please Come to Boston” by Dave Loggins was in the first […]

The Smell of a Mobile Church: Tiger Balm

by Pastor Nathan

I’m tired. My left knee is sore. My back muscles are a little inflamed. And it feels so great! Tonight for the first time, our new start church officially began the dreaded/ wonderful cycle of being a mobile church: unload, set up, tear down, pack in. It is the beginning of what could be a […]

Into the Void, 6/29/14 – Onsite and Online

by Pastor John

The Black Holes in space are terrifying reality. Not only do they consume everything around around them, compressing matter into incredible density, they also even squelch light. Nothing escapes a Black Hole. Sin is like a Black Hole. Once caught in it’s vacuum there is no escape. The Bible says that the wages of sin […]

New Start Meeting, Friday 6/20

by Pastor Nathan

This Friday we will be discussing our invitation to Freeport Nazarene for a deputation service, the premises where we will meet for services this fall, as well as our notes and personal thoughts on the book “Discipling Skeptics and Seekers.” Join us for worship where we will have a face-melting cover of “Forevermore” by Jesus […]