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Up! The Story of Joseph and God's Providence

“Hey”…from Dixon IL

We are so glad you have chosen to spend this time with us, I’d like to extend a special invitation to you to experience Living Well Church Live. Just see the counter below for next upcoming service and participate in our next Live Stream. It is as easy as clicking the above Live Stream tab. No gimmicks here, it is free to you as a ministry of Living Well Church.

When you do we would love to hear from you! Just text: “Hey”… from (city you are from)” to 815-973-5981. You can also join us on our Facebook group page: go to Facebook and type livingwellchurch.org into the top search bar (or click here) to find us. Once there, you can post comments during the service. We’d love to connect with you and hear how God is using the ministries of Living Well to help others (who, like ourselves) are finding help and healing in every area of life through Jesus. Welcome to Living Well!

Welcome to Living Well Church

The Bible tells a story of a woman with spiritual questions who went to a well to draw water. During that ordinary day, she met a man named Jesus who brought help and healing to every area of her life. Living Well Church exists to share the life changing message that Jesus brings help and healing to every area of life. We are family friendly. We highly regard the time that a family has to spend together during the week. We desire to enhance that time – not take away from it. Friendships matter to us. We believe lifelong friendships are possible and believe that Jesus shows us how to begin and maintain life long relationships. At Living Well Church, God is enriching people with new opportunities to develop new friendships every week. We really do believe that living in relationship with Jesus makes authentic lifelong friendships possible. If you are looking for authenticity and truth we invite you to join us living in relationship with Jesus and each other.

In Christ,
Pastor John

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