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On The Move!

by Pastor John

On The Move! Living Well Church has been on the move since we began in 2005. Since that time we have met at the Quality Inn Conference Room, the Plaza Cinema Movie Theater, the former Lighthouse Cafe and most recently the former Kline’s Department Store facility which we are now in. In each of these […]

Oikos Mapping––strategic, viral relationships

by Pastor Nathan

This post meant to be a (very) brief primer on oikos mapping. Okies mapping is a tool that has completely changed the way we ordinary Christians do ministry, relationships, and live our lives. We are excited to be able to pass this on to others who can use it. These slides accompany a presentation I […]

The Living Well Church app is now available!

by Pastor John

The Living Well Church app is now available for both apple and droid users. Our app is a free download and can be found in the Google Play Store. This app has an optional personal spiritual life assessment for you to take. The assessment will help you identify areas of needed improvement and strength. You […]

Jesus withdrew. Sept 28th 2014 @ 10:30a Onsite or Online

by Pastor John

In Luke 5:12-16 Jesus touched a man with leprosy. Rabbis would not violate the law in this way, to touch what was unclean would be self defiling and disrespectful to the Law of Moses and to the Lord of the Law. Yet Jesus (being a Rabbi) did so not because he was a rebel but […]