Sermons from May 2014

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Oh The Places You’ll Go: The Waiting Place


Between Jesus Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) was a period of “waiting”it did not mean the disciples were being punished, nor did it mean that it took time for Jesus to get to heaven and have a 10 day meeting with the Holy Spirit before he could send him, rather they […]

Oh The Places You’ll Go: The Wide Open Air


After Jesus was resurrected He appeared to more than 500 people before he ascended into heaven. Overall I believe the people that knew Jesus were convinced that life would be very different with Jesus “gone”. In John chapter 14 (prior to Jesus crucifixion) Jesus prepared his disciples for His leaving and how things would be […]

Sightings: How Deep Is Your Love?


After Peter had denied Jesus not once, not twice but three times he wondered if Jesus still had a place for him in his circle of friends. After serving the guys an awesome breakfast on the shore Jesus asked Peter the same question three times: Do you love me more than these? A terrible storm […]