God is a God of rhythm. Even from the beginning of time, God created the world to have a certain cadence to it. God has created human beings to have a cadence as well. We were not designed to live full speed and non-stop. We were not created to live without boundaries and limits. From Genesis to Revelation, sunrise to sunset, and birth to death we see that life has a natural cadence to it. In this series we will see how cadence affects all of life from both a God’s
eye view and an individual perspective.

Our series on Cadence begins January 7th! You are welcome to join our church family of imperfect people following God. We freely admit we don’t have life figured out but we are learning together to follow Jesus as the answer to our deepest questions. We hope you can join us onsite on Sunday at 10:00am at 116 E 1st Street Dixon or live online at 10:00am you can simply visit our church website www.livingwellchurch.org and click the Livestream tab. We can also be found anytime at Youtube by searching Living Well Church of the Nazarene. We welcome your visit. If you do not yet have a church home we hope that you will come and find your church home with us.